Commercial Landscape Bed Edging

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Why is Landscape Bed Edging Important?

Edging a landscape bed is a necessary feature to any attractive landscape. It defines the landscape bed from the surrounding lawn areas and helps prevent the infiltration of grass growing into the landscape. There are three typical and cost-effective types of landscape bed edging: trench, king and rumblestone edging.

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Recommended Frequency: Annually, or as preferred.

Trench edging is not a physical barrier between lawn and landscape but a cut trench made by a flat shovel that separates the lawn and the landscape. This method is one of the most cost-effective methods and is very elegant when done well. It is suggested to use this style of edging on mulch landscape beds. Trench edging needs to be done annually to maintain a crisp and defined edge.

king edging

Recommended Frequency: Durable for years when properly installed and cared for.

This is not the flimsy edging sold at hardware stores! Our King Edging is commercial grade, robust and ready for years of worry-free effectness. King edging is the most cost-effective physical barrier between a landscape bed and surround lawn. It involves the installation of black flexible plastic strips that go into the ground approximately 5″ and is secured by steel stakes. The visible portion of this edging looks like a black plastic tube that surrounds the landscape bed. It is highly recommended to install this style of edging around stone landscape beds and is also perfectly applicable around mulch landscape beds as well.

rumblestone edging

Recommended Frequency: Durable for years when properly installed and cared for.

Rumblestone edging is a modular masonry edge that provides a dramatic border to any landscape bed. Unlike other masonry edging products, each unit has a concave and convex end which allows each neighboring unit to nestle into one another with no cutting while still creating dramatic and uninterrupted serpentine curves. This style of edging provides a signature look while not being over-bearing. Rumblestone is readily available in both beige or grey.

power edger

Recommended Frequency: Annually

Power edging is a good option for larger properties and landscapes where a trench edge is desired. Power edging is done by machine and not by shovel like typical trench edging. The end result is quicker than the shovel method.

Stick edging is similar in that it uses a machine, but does not directly create a ‘trench.’ This method mearly scores the soil in a tight line and is best suited for edges such as around a baseball diamond.

With honorable mention when it comes to edging, don’t forget to have your sidewalks, driveways and curbs edged to maintain crisp lines!


“J & R just finished edging the mulch beds and tree trimming at my home. I have also had them seal my driveway and they handled the snow blowing last winter. I have had wonderful, prompt service on all the work done by J&R and their crew. They are meticulous in their work, quick and efficient and I highly recommend them for any job you need handled. 🥰”

Irene | Clay, NY

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What Services are Often Paired with Bed Edging?

Shrub Trimming

Stone Installation

Mulch Installation

Plant Installation

3D Design Services

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