Commercial Polymeric Sand Installation

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What is Polymeric Sand?

Recommended Frequency: Every 3-5 years or as needed

Polymeric sand, or polysand, is an inorganic paver joint fill that helps prevent weed and moss growth as well as help mitigate heaving or shifting. It is a crucial element to any enduring patio or walkway. Our commercial grade polysand withstands years of weathering and traffic but does need to be redone every few years to maintain a hardscape’s beauty and integrity. Usually after a thorough pressure washing of a walkway or patio, polysand is carefully swept in all paver joints and lightly misted with water to activate the polymeric properties. The polysand will set up over the next few hours to create a slightly flexible joint between interlocking pavers, creating a stronger and more beautiful hardscape.

Why is Polymeric Sand Important?

  • Adds strength and durability to walkways and patios
  • Decreases the potential for freeze-thaw damage
  • Helps to ward off weed and moss growth between pavers


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What Services are Often Paired with Polymeric Sand Installation?

Pressure Washing

Hardscape Installation

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