Lawn Dethatching

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What is Dethatching?

Frequency: Annually

Lawn dethatching is a process that removes the layer of living and dead thatch caused by excessive clippings that settle to the bottom of the lawn or general winter matting due to the snow-load. A lawn dethatching attachment is installed on a commercial lawn mower and essentially breaks up thatch and combs out the lawn to stand the thatch upright, allowing it to be cut.

Dethatching is a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy lawn. If an excessive thatch layer exists in the lawn, it may be recommended to use a Power Rake to assist in the removal of thatch.

What is a Thatch Layer and Why is Dethatching Important?

A thatch layer in a lawn is the dead and living grass shoots that lay between the soil and the visible grass blades. This is a perfectly normal occurrence, however an excessively thick layer of thatch can increase the chances of disease and fungus, prevent air and water exchange as well as prevent applied fertilizer from penetrating into the soil. Dethatching will:

  • Increase the amount of oxygen, nutrients, and fertilizer that reaches the soil and root system to promote a more healthy and thicker lawn
  • Prevent or reduce mold and disease within the lawn
  • Help to jump-start the lawn in the spring
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“Yes, I would recommend J and R Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. I recently had bushes trimmed in front of my townhouse. They were a bit overgrown and didn’t have any real shape to them any longer. After J and R Lawns came – what a difference. The guys were very professional and courteous. They were quick but paid attention to detail. They cleaned up all the debris from trimming and I didn’t have to do a thing except admire how nice they looked. I would definitely hire J and R Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. again.”

Colleen | Cicero, NY

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What Services are Often Paired with Dethatching?

Spring Clean Up



  • A-Tep Fertilizer Application
  • Starter Fertilizer Application

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