Hydro-Seed Warranty & Aftercare

Hydro-Seed Specific Aftercare

  • Consistent watering is key! Skipping days of watering will cause hydro-seed to turn into a cardboard like material, stopping any growth.
  • Water daily (early morning/early evening) to keep soil moist but avoid puddling. If we receive a ground-saturating rainfall, you may skip that day.
  • During hot/dry periods, you may water twice a day (early morning is best but also early evening)
  • Once grass shoots appear, you can reduce watering frequency to 2-3 times per week depending on temperatures & rainfall (always recommended early evening)
  • Keep in mind that weather and temperatures play a big part also. Water according to the weather.

Fertilizing Recommendations

  • Be sure to schedule “Follow-up Fertilizing Treatment” 3-4 weeks after initial hydro-seeding application (often priced and scheduled in original hydro-seed quote)
  • DO NOT apply WEED N FEED or any other chemicals until after 3-5 lawn cuts to ensure strong, mature root structure (approx. 10 weeks)
  • Contact your trusted, local Lawn Fertilization company to sign up for a treatment program going forward

Notes & Recommendations

  • You may notice some of the green hydro-mulch on some of the surrounding structures after spraying. Once drying, simply spray off mulch and allow to disintegrate.
  • Mowing: Allow lawn to grow to a slightly longer length than normal (approx. 4-5’’) and then mow on a high mower deck setting. Longer grass will aid in keeping the soil cooler which is ideal for new lawns. When mowing be careful not to leave excessive clippings.
  • Spring time through late summer is when weed seeds germinate! They will germinate with the hydro-seed. After the lawn is established, get signed up on a lawn fertilization program. This is essential to developing a healthy, weed free lawn.
  • Lawns that are hydro-seeded in the fall always fill in lush, thick and mostly weed-free. However, weeds will start to germinate next season, as with any lawn. We recommend setting up a fertilizing program for the the next season.
  • It is recommended to have your lawn rolled the following fall & spring after your service is completed. If you are interested in this additional service, please contact your Account Manager or one of our friendly office staff.

Conditional Warranty

  • J and R offers a 90-day conditional warranty with proper after-care and follow-up fertilizer treatment.
  • Excessively shaded areas that have been hydro-seeded will not be guaranteed by J and R Property Services due to the likelihood of less than optimal growing conditions (lack of sun, lack of water, leaf/debris cover-up, etc.).

Warranty Requirements

  • J and R will perform up to one courtesy spray (up to one tank) due to unforeseen weather. Any additional sprays or topsoil will be subject to the cost of labor/materials only.
  • Customer must perform PROPER watering/after-care.
  • Soil must be deemed acceptable by Account Manager or have a fresh 2” installed by J and R to ensure proper nutrients
  • Site preparation performed by J and R
  • Hydro-Seeding performed by J and R
  • A-TEP Hi Mag Nutrient Package treatment by J and R
  • 3-4 week Follow-up Fertilizing performed by J and R

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