Lawn Renovation & Repair Methods

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A lush lawn adds both beauty and value to your property. If you are in need of help establishing or repairing your lawn, call the experts! At J and R, we offer a variety of seeding methods and will tailor our service to your property’s specific needs. Along with proper topsoil preparation and grading, we make grass a snap!

New Lawn Installation Methods

HydroseedingWhat is Hydroseeding?

Hydro-seed is a blend of premium grass seed, fertilizer, paper mulch/fibers and other special additives that create optimal conditions for maximum seed germination. This rich slurry is applied by spraying it through a hose attached to a large mixing tank. Hydro-seeding is generally used for the seeding of entire sections of new lawn. This form of seeding is generally the most cost-effective means to seed large areas at one time.

sodWhat is Sod?

“It’s MY lawn, and I want it NOW!” Sod is instant-gratification in the form of a rolled up 2×5′ strips of Hybrid Kentucky Blue Grass. This lawn installation method can be done over an entire property or as smaller repair. This method is typically more expensive than others but the results are truly breathtaking right out of the gate.

Existing Lawn Repair and Maintenance Methods

mulch pelletsWhat is Seeding With Mulch Pellets?

Seeding with a pelleted mulch seed accelerator is generally used for smaller repairs within an established lawn (re-seeding around new patio installations for example). These expanding mulch pellets take the place of traditional shredded straw when germinating new grass seed. Very similar to hydro-seed, the mulch pellets help hold moisture around the grass seed and fertilizer as well as prevent loss of seed due to foraging birds and wind. After the application of seed, fertilizer and mulch pellets the entire area must be watered to activate the expansion of the pellets.

seedingWhat is Overseeding?

Frequency: Annually or as needed

Over-seeding is the process of applying grass seed directly over an established lawn. This is a very beneficial part of a general maintenance plan for any lawn that can be done every few years to help fill in thinning areas of lawn. Usually over-seeding will be paired with lawn core aeration to increase the amount of seed-to-soil contact which is crucial to successful seed germination.

silt seederWhat is Slit-Seeding?

Slit-seeding is the application of grass seed directly into the soil of an established lawn to optimize the amount of seed-to-soil contact for maximum seed germination. This is done by using a machine about the size of a typical push mower. The slit-seeding machine has many rotating blades that cut grooves into the soil. Grass seed is then dropped directly into these grooves by the slit-seeding machine. This method is essentially over-seeding on steroids and is a great addition to any general maintenance plan for any thinning lawn.


“We had a pool installed last Fall, so naturally the lawn needed restoration once the project was complete. I called J&R and the gentleman I spoke with, Nick was very friendly, and he came out to give me a quote on hydroseed. Well Mother Nature has been very up and down this Spring and they were finally able to accommodate us and get the hydroseed in last Friday, May 31st. Well as of the morning, the small grass sprouts are coming through. I received a follow up call from their office which was very professional of them. I highly recommend J&R Landscaping for your hydroseed needs.”

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