Power Raking

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What is Power Raking?

Frequency: As needed, recommend consultation

Power raking is lawn dethatching on steroids! We highly recommend a consultation with one of our account managers before committing to a power raking service. It is a multi-step process that safely removes the maximum amount of thatch out of the lawn. The power rake machine is approximately the size of a push mower that has thin metal blades installed along a drum that spin quickly to pull the thatch layer to the top of the lawn. The process involves:

  • Mowing the grass short to reduce stress from power-raking
  • Power raking the lawn
  • Bag/blow or raking up the exposed clippings/thatch
  • Power raking in the opposite direction as first pass
  • Bag/blow or raking up the exposed clippings/thatch

Why is Power Raking Important?

  • Essential for the overall lawn health as thatch can harm existing and new grass as well as create the opportunity for disease and fungus.
  • Excessive thatch can promote shallow root growth causing the lawn to burn out more often when dry.
  • Excessive thatch layer can absorb applied fertilizer making fertilizing less effective and wasteful.


“Yes, I would recommend J and R Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. I recently had bushes trimmed in front of my townhouse. They were a bit overgrown and didn’t have any real shape to them any longer. After J and R Lawns came – what a difference. The guys were very professional and courteous. They were quick but paid attention to detail. They cleaned up all the debris from trimming and I didn’t have to do a thing except admire how nice they looked. I would definitely hire J and R Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. again.”

Colleen | Cicero, NY

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What Services are Often Paired with Power Raking?



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  • Starter Fertilizer Application

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