Landscape Stone Installation

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Landscape Stone Installation

Recommended Frequency: 10+ years, or as needed

Many colors, sizes and textures of landscape stone are readily available. The choice of stone can vary depending on personal preferences, application and location. For example: landscape stone installation near a pool should be a rounded stone to avoid possible pool liner damage with a large enough size to not be easily kicked or moved. It is highly recommended that any stone landscape bed have a permeable landscape fabric installed under the stone as well as a permanent edging (King Edging etc.) installed along the edges to maintain a crisp separation between lawn and landscape.

What are the Benefits of Landscape Stone?

  • Long-lasting beauty
  • Can provide erosion control
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Aids in drainage
  • Can provide a dramatic accent to the landscape


“J and R did an awesome job on the front of our house with professional landscaping services! Highly recommended!!!”

Michael | North Syracuse, NY

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What Types of Landscape Stone are Available?

catskill mix

Catskill Mix Landscape Stone

Catskill Mix landscape stone has pops of blue, grey, maroon to really set off your landscape beds.

onondaga stone

Onondaga Landscape Stone

Onondaga landscape stone has grey, blue and tan tones as its most prevalent feature. This stone compliments almost any property and is widely used.

Oswego Landscape Stone

Oswego landscape stone has tan and purple tones.

Seminole Landscape Stone

Seminole landscape stone possesses a pinkish-red monotone to it and can be dramatic in the correct setting.

Cumberland Mix Landscape Stone

A gorgeous medium-sized stone with a darker palette. Great for poolside vibes or a modern, clean look.

varieties of stone

Other Varieties of Landscape Stone

A large variety of landscape stone options are out there. Some examples that a relatively readily available in this area include Salt & Pepper Granite, Canadian Rose Granite, Whiskey River, Marble Chip...Plus Many More!

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What Sizes of Landscape Stone are Available?

Landscape stone is screened into separate sizes that can really change the texture of a landscape bed. The most common sizes of stone used as decorative landscape stone is typically #2 and #3 stone. The ‘#2’ indicates a stone that ranges between 1.5-2.5″ in diameter. The ‘#3’ indicates a stone that generally ranges between 2.5-3.5″ in diameter. Smaller and larger sizes are available but are not as commonly used as decorative landscape stone. The application and desired aesthetic must be taken into consideration when choosing what size stone you should use. If you have a question, just ask your account manager!

And don’t forget that we install both granite and limestone boulders as well!

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What Services are Often Paired with Landscape Stone Installation?

King Edging Install

Mulch Installation

Shrub Trimming

Plant Installation

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