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LawnDROID Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions: Quotes are valid for 15 days unless otherwise stated. The term of this contract will be 12 full months from the date of installation. Winterizing & storage will take place at the end of each growing season (approx. 1st week of November). Annual contracts will automatically be renewed unless cancelled prior to end of existing contract.

Responsibility of Leasee/Homeowner: Keeping lawn free of all objects or obstructions, including, but not limited to, pet waste, toys, lawn decorations/ornaments, hoses, solar lights, tarps, canopy screens(that touch lawn), downed limbs/sticks, excessive leaves, etc. is the sole responsibility of the leasee/homeowner. J and R will not be held liable for damages to personal property or leased equipment due to objects being left in the lawn. As with all maintenance equipment, the LawnDROID is not a toy. Although very safe, J and R will not be held responsible for any damages/injuries as a result of tampering.

Warranty: J and R will provide parts and labor for repairs resulting from manufacturer defect or installation error. Customer will notify J and R of any service concerns within 1 business day of discovery. Customer will be responsible for any/all repairs and associated costs resulting from circumstances outside of J and R’s control including, but not limited to, intentional or unintentional damage to equipment or any of its components, by any parties, other than J and R staff & wildlife damage to equipment or any of its components. Please contact J and R prior to having any sub-terrain service done within or around your lawn to ensure safety of installed equipment.

Cancellation: Customer can cancel service for the next annual contract anytime during the current contract (will not be cancelled mid-season/contract). Executed contracts that are cancelled prior to installation of unit will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the total installation cost. Customers who perform a mid-contract cancellation after installation has started will be responsible for the entirety of that year’s contract.

Payment/Late Fees: Installations require a 50% material/scheduling deposit equal to 50% of the total installation cost. Installations are subject to scheduling window at the time the deposit is received, and as weather permits. The remaining balance of installation will be due upon completion. Yearly contracts will require a credit card to be on file and will be auto-deducted on either the 1st or the 15th of each contract month (depending on start date). Any charge(s) that are declined and not satisfied within 5 business days, will be subject to 3% or a $15 late fee, whichever is greater. Any costs incurred in the attempt(s) to collect a debt, including, but not limited to, any court and attorney fees, will be the sole responsibility of the customer and will be deemed part of the services.

BudgetBilling Payment Terms

All Budget Billing contracts will be billed on either the 1st or the 15th of each month, depending on original contract start date. Service will not commence until Auto-charge account is set-up and first payment is submitted. Cancel at anytime via written correspondence to either info@jandrlandscapes.com or via USPS at P.O. Box 3046 Syracuse, NY 13220. All services rendered up to the point of cancellation as well as payments received will be allocated to account. Customer will receive a refund of any over payment of services rendered to the card on file. Otherwise any balance of services rendered vs. payment submitted will be invoiced upon cancellation and will follow net 15 payment terms listed above.

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