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Grading and Site Preparation

Why is proper grading and site preparation important on my property?

  • Proper grading and site preparation is paramount when it comes to usability and water flow management on a property.
  • Improper grading or improper installation of soil can settle in a non-uniform fashion. It is important to spread, fluff and settle soil as a whole to avoids bumps, divots or an otherwise scraggy base for your landscape or lawn.
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Surface Drainage

What is surface drainage?

  • Surface drainage is usually the least-invasive, most effective AND cost-concious solution to most drainage issues.
  • The most simple form of surface drainage is to just pitch a section of lawn away from where you do not want water (such as foundation grading). This is an example of sheet-flow.
  • The use of swales is a great solution to transporting water. Swales can be very subtle yet still effective.
Foundation Grading

Foundation Grading

Frequency: As needed, but typically needed a few years after any new foundation is installed.

Why is proper foundation grading important?

  • Pitch should always flow away from the foundation of your home to avoid any possible water infiltration into your basement.
  • Typically a pitch that drops 6 inches over 10 feet (5%) is desireable to adequately sheet flow water away while still being a usable area of lawn/landscape.
  • Foundation grading is usually required after a few years of any new foundation installation. Disturbed soil during the foundation excavation will settle over time, creating a negative grade and capturing water against the foundation, infiltrating your basement. Fix it before it becomes a problem!

Often paired services: Lawn Renovation and Repair

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Downspout Pop-Up Emitters

What are downspout pop-up emitters?

  • Downspout pop-up emitters are subterranean pipes that attach to a gutter downspout, travel away from your foundation and landscaping and then come up through the lawn to disperse water.
  • Emitters are useful to help extend gutters away from your foundation without a visible, awkward and ugly pipe.
  • J and R does not install emitters right out of the box! We have crafted a custom method to installation that allows for the proper soil depth between the pipe and the top of the soil. This allows for trouble-free aeration or similar services in the future, as well as avoiding shallow grass root growth that can show lines of brown grass during dry spells.
  • Please note: In the CNY climate, pop-up emitters will most likely freeze during the winter. It is advisable to attach gutter extensions at the base of downspouts during the early spring to mitigate any potential water back up near foundations.
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Subterranean Drainage and French Drains

What is a French Drain?

  • A french drain is a subterranean drain with the objective to direct rising ground water typically after snow melt or a soaking rainfall. This is done by installing perforated tubing/piping surrounded by drainage stone and wrapped in a permeable fabric. Surface catch basins can also be incorporated to mitigate some standing surface water due to pour draining/percolating soil.
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