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What the Heck is a J and R LawnDroid?

The J and R LawnDroid is a new and exciting service we are offering to our customers this season! After being beta tested in 2019, we are rolling out our fleet of automated robotic lawnmowers to keep your lawn perpetually perfect and uniform. Comparably priced to traditional weekly mowing, these green puppies slice fractions of an inch off grass blades every day, rain or shine, night or day with practically no noise, direct emissions or kicked-up dust/allergens. Automated daily mowing gives you the perfect lawn 7 days a week!

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Benefits of a J and R LawnDroid

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  • Automatic shut-off if tampered with
  • No exposed blades or discharge chute
  • Multiple guiding sensors
  • Integrated alarm, GPS tracker and PIN
  • Proven track record with over 2-million units in daily operation
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Full Service

  • Full installation of unit, charging station and boundary wire
  • Bi-weekly line trimming or as needed
  • 24/7 remote monitoring through app
  • Full routine maintenance
  • Blade changes
  • Winterization and storage of leased units


  • Perfect lawn 7 days a week!
  • Mows day or night, rain or shine
  • Cleanly slices off fractions of an inch on each pass
  • Light footprint does not leave mud tracks or tear marks
  • Random mowing pattern creates a carpet of lush lawn
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  • Completely battery operated
  • Does not kick up dust or allergens
  • Near silent operation
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  • On site the entire mowing season
  • 24/7 remote monitoring through app
  • Rapid response if any issues are indicated

Cool Factor

  • Stay on the cutting edge of eco-friendly tech
  • Friends and neighbors will love it
  • You will love it!
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Common Questions About the J and R LawnDroid:

  • Expert boundary wire installation around the perimeter of your lawn and obstacles
  • J and R LawnDroid unit that stays on your property all mowing season
  • 24/7 mobile monitoring, programming and GPS tracking of the unit through our app
  • Bi-weekly line-trimming or as needed of fencelines and obstacles in your yard by our trained crews
  • Regular maintenance of the unit
  • Winter storage of the unit in our facilities

Yes! LawnDroids are safe for use around children and pets, but this is still a mower and NOT a toy. The blade will automatically stop if the mower is even slightly lifted. The outer body of the LawnDroid is extra wide to provide ample space between the blade and the outer edges of the cover. LawnDroids can also be scheduled to dock when kids or pets will be in the yard. Please be cautious and make sure children and/or pets (or husbands) do not play with the LawnDroid.

No need to worry. Your leased unit will be covered by J and R. To discourage theft, every LawnDroid comes with a unique PIN code that must be entered to make the unit operational. Additionally, LawnDroids have an audible anti-theft alarm built in and are equipped with GPS tracking that can pinpoint where the unit is.

LawnDroids do have the ability to handle minor leaf cover and minor twigs. We recommend removing obstacles such as these when they do start to accumulate, especially during the fall, or simply give us a call for a fall clean up. Other objects such as pinecones or fallen fruit should not be an issue as long as the debris is not excessive.

Yes, the LawnDroid has the ability to mow your entire lawn, even with a fence! Special gates can be installed that are just large enough for the unit to pass through.

We do not recommend installing these gates if you have smaller pets or small children.

Minor pet waste is not an issue for the LawnDroid. On the other hand, if you have three Great Danes (for example), waste should be removed regularly to keep your lawn at its best and your LawnDroid running smooth.

Absolutely! Rain is no issue for LawnDroid operation. Even with saturated soil that may cause a traditional lawnmower to sink, the light footprint of the LawnDroid will not leave ruts or other damage to your lawn. If the rain becomes a terrential downpour, these units do have rain sensors that can delay mowing if necessary.

Your LawnDroid can be programmed to mow around your schedule. We suggest that you allow the regular routine of the unit to go unchanged for best results, but the unit can be manually stopped by pressing the STOP button on top of the unit.

LawnDroids slice only a fraction of an inch off the lawn on a continuous basis. These tiny clippings are recycled back into the soil as a natural fertilizer. The result is a greener, fuller and healthier lawn. No more messy grass clippings on the yard, landscape beds or tracked into the house!

Sure! Some of our customers prefer to buy a LawnDroid outright to have total control over their units and not have our low monthly lease payment plan. We will happily set up the unit and install the boundary wire for you. You just pay for the LawnDroid and the set up, then it is all your!

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