Dare to Prepare: Getting equipment service-ready

Dare to Prepare: Getting equipment service-ready

Spring is around the corner and J and R Property Services is ready to tackle your property service needs. But before we get to work, we must make sure our equipment is in top condition. In this short blog, we will take a closer look at the process of preparing our mowing equipment for the season and the daily efforts we take to maintain it.

Busting Out of Storage

Before we can start mowing, our equipment must be taken out of storage and given a thorough inspection. All mowers undergo oil changes, have their blades sharpened, and are checked for proper function. Our trailers are also inspected to ensure they are road-safe and fully stocked with the necessary tools.

Weekly Maintenance

Our weekly maintenance routine takes 15-25 man hours to service the entire fleet. All equipment is cleaned, blades are sharpened or replaced, and oil levels are checked and changed as needed. This maintenance is performed on rainy days when mowing is not an option.

Daily Checklist

Our mowing crews, consisting of two people each, are trained and responsible for checking their equipment before starting work for the day. This includes checking gasoline levels, oil/gas mixture can levels, and the condition of their equipment. Any issues with equipment are addressed before hitting the road.

Don’t Forget About the Trucks

Our trucks are regularly maintained with oil changes and washings to remove damaging salt. Any required services are dealt with immediately. Our trucks are even equipped with plows for those intermingling winter and spring seasons.

At J and R Property Services, we believe that taking care of our equipment and our employees will result in exceptional work. By keeping our equipment in top condition, we ensure that our crews have the tools they need to provide you with the best possible service.

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